INIT Launches Simulation Tool for Integrating E-Buses

February, 2019  

INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. (INIT) recently launched a simulation tool for the planning and optimization of electric vehicles into fleets. eMOBILE-PLAN allows agencies to simulate scenarios using different types of electric buses, different placements of charging stations within a network, and even different route profiles and temperature ranges to generate efficient and economical timetables, blocks, and duty schedules. The tool empowers agencies to define the medium and long-term impacts on energy costs and personnel requirements while helping them minimize risks.  

eMOBILE-PLAN works by taking an agency’s fundamental data inputs and optimizing them through an integrated block and duty optimizer, MOBILEopti2. These data sets can be saved, and based on differing requirements, further scenarios can be run to ensure agencies receive the most efficient and economical results for their specific use case.  

The simulation and planning tool can be used by both transit agencies and bus manufacturers to gain intelligent and usable insight on putting e-buses into operation.  MAN Transportation Solutions recently partnered with INIT to use the software solution to help its customers in the early stages of adapting their route networks and infrastructure for electric vehicles.  

The benefit of eMOBILE-PLAN is that it can be used as a stand-alone system and easily integrated to third-party scheduling systems. 

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