URpass mobile ticketing platform

For small to mid-sized agencies

URpass offers transit agencies a fast and easy way to introduce mobile ticketing. The platform offers digital sales via the app, an online store, or even account-based ticketing with the flexibility of adding route planning, loyalty programs and MaaS offerings like bikes and scooters. 

Set up and customize your own sales channels

With just a few clicks, you can easily create your own fare structure or ticket portfolio in the system by means of an Excel upload. This is all it takes to create the foundation for your digital ticket sales. Do you want to adjust your fares, offer seasonal tickets, or introduce best-price schemes? Edit your fares at any time. You can configure all settings anytime and anywhere right in the URpass customer support and administration portal.

Use your sales channels to push your brand. However you want your app, online store, or prepaid card to look, you choose which images, graphics or logos you wish to integrate. This includes which color scheme you want to apply and what information you want to request from your customers. URpass offers you standard templates that help you to easily design your app, online store, or prepaid card. You can decide top-up amounts for prepaid cards, and specify the parameters – such as name, address, date of birth, etc. your customers need to enter. This allows you to strengthen your brand and be perceived as a highly modern mobility service provider.

The URpass customer support and administration portal serves as your central hub. It offers you all the functions you need to set up and manage your digital sales channels and offer ticket purchasing via app or online store.

Manage customer data

Your customer purchased the wrong ticket or forgot to check out at the end.

The customer support and administration portal provides you with all the functions you need to create, edit, or delete account data for customers, make refunds and goodwill payments, execute individual or collective orders, and much more.

Thanks to URpass’s role and rights feature, you can define the functions certain employees may use and the data they may view and edit. This means that your customer data is secure at all times.

Get reports in real-time

The customer support and administration portal provides you with a dashboard of standard reports. You can keep tabs on how many tickets were sold per day, how much revenue was generated, which channels were used to purchase tickets, etc. This allows you to keep an eye on trends, identify changing customer behavior, adapt your offering to suit these trends, and to align your marketing and sales activities as you see fit.

Expand app functions

Include map and route finding

Help your customers find the right connection by allowing them to enter their origin and destination information in the app. Empower your customers to purchase tickets directly from within the route information panel. Display real-time information – e.g. via icons in the map.

Use push messages for customer-centric communication 

Send messages to individuals or groups of riders. Make use of filter functions to ensure targeted customer communications. For example, only send your message to people who purchase monthly tickets or always travel a certain route. In this way, you can notify your customers of malfunctions or announce sweepstakes and promotions. Your customers can decide for themselves which messages they wish to receive.

Offer loyalty programs

With URpass you can award bonus points for different promotions or let your customers participate in collection campaigns. Rewarding customers who draw on your offer will encourage them to perceive you as an even more attractive mobility provider. You can configure the rules for awarding loyalty and bonus points e.g. per ticket purchased or per mile traveled. URpass automatically records all collected points and takes into account the corresponding discounts when customers purchase tickets.

Expand to account-based ticketing

Offer best price tickets

Account-based ticketing gives your customers an easy and fast way to obtain a ticket by means of a check-in and check-out procedure that delivers the best price without generating a ticket at all. This allows anyone to use public transit with or without a smartphone. URpass offers you two options for account-based ticketing:

Offer ticket purchases using physical prepaid cards

Your customers can easily check in and out by holding their physical prepaid cards in front of the designated ticket validator at the start and end of their journey. Your customers can manage their account and their credit at any time with your app or in your online store.

Offer ticket purchases using virtual prepaid cards

The virtual prepaid card provides the same level of convenience: Instead of issuing your customers a physical card, offer them the option of loading a virtual prepaid card onto their smartphone via your app. Customers then simply hold this virtual prepaid card in front of your ticket validators at the beginning and end of their journey.

Integrate bikes and scooters for a full mobility platform

URpass offers the ability to expand by integrating various transport options like e-scooters, bike sharing, and car sharing services. This complete mobility platform enables customers to search for any service, book it, and take care of billing in one app. It also empowers agencies to expand access to mobility services in their region.

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