INIT presents the future of IT support for public transport at IT-TRANS

Taking public transport to the next level

How busy is the bus I want to ride? With MOBILEguide, passengers will receive reliable answers to this question in the future. (© iStock)

Karlsruhe, 21 February 2022

INIT, the world's leading provider of integrated IT solutions for public transport, will be presenting at IT-TRANS from May 10 to 12, 2022 at Messe Karlsruhe. INIT will showcase the progression of its integrated planning, dispatch, telematics, and ticketing system MOBILE at its booth 1F3. As part of the "nextGen" innovation campaign, the technology leader is currently launching the next generation of the integrated solution MOBILE, which covers all public transport companies’ tasks. The "nextGen" products and solutions enable transportation companies to further improve their service quality and efficiency.

Semi-automation, optimization tools, assistance systems, and machine learning open up entirely new possibilities. Visitors to the INIT booth can obtain comprehensive information about the overall concept of MOBILE nextGen and check out initial solutions.

Next Level of Operations Control

One of them is MOBILE-ITCS nextGen, the new generation of the Intermodal Transport Control System. An up-to-date user interface in UX design with many new functions allows dispatchers to perform their tasks more easily and faster. Thanks to machine learning, the prediction accuracy of departure times increases significantly and improves the quality of passenger information. Numerous additional functions are also available. For example, MOBILE-ITCS nextGen is already set up for the specific requirements of e-buses. The technical prerequisite of the next generation ITCS is the conversion to a new database-agnostic system architecture, which also supports future operating systems. This is not only future-proof, but is also a prerequisite for increased IT security.

INIT has also upgraded proven on-demand transportation solutions. Visitors to IT-TRANS will not only see a new version of the driver app COPILOTapp, but will also learn more about new possibilities regarding the passenger front end. The most significant innovation in the central module MOBILE-FLEX is the new AI-based route optimization and integration of a ride-pooling module. This enables fully flexible route formation via virtual stops. The modules for route-based on-demand transportation, previously known as MOBILEcall, are an integral part of MOBILE-ITCS nextGen and are therefore available to INIT customers without additional license fees.

There is also a generational leap regarding the associated vehicle equipment. With COPILOTpc3, the latest generation of the PC-based on-board computer, INIT meets the requirements of modern ITCS and telematics applications. In terms of performance, this IT and communication platform for vehicles sets completely new standards with its powerful processor, extended storage capacity and the operating system Windows10 IoT Enterprise. In addition, it fits the mounts of previous models and can be easily switched out, being fully operational in just a few minutes. Mixed fleet operation is also possible, allowing for smooth migration concepts. Plus: the reuse of all cabling and mounting fixtures conserves resources and guarantees a very sustainable migration.

COPILOTpc3 sets new standards in terms of performance and enables INIT customers to migrate smoothly and sustainably to a future-proof generation of on-board computers.

Next Level of Passenger Information

RESPONSEassist, INIT’s revolutionary multi-channel passenger information and incident management system, offers instantly available passenger information on all channels with just a few clicks. The semi-automated system integrates dispatch, passenger information and operational documentation processes and supports the work in the control center in a completely new way. It allows dispatchers to process incidents more efficiently through a form-based process with a predefined recommended course of action based on the company’s standard operating procedures. At the same time, it complies with operational reporting requirements. In addition, it can generate and send precise and consistent passenger information - largely automated by means of templates and meta information - with one click across all channels.

With RESPONSEassist, a variety of media can be controlled with one click. Passenger information is provided quickly, efficiently and consistently across all media. 

Next Level of Ticketing

In addition to existing fare management systems, Ticketing as a Service (TaaS) will soon enable transportation companies to very quickly introduce Open Payment Ticketing according to the EMV payment method and without extensive investment. This is made possible by a cloud-based platform, through which transportation companies can easily enter the desired fares and, if applicable, fare capping options. Likewise, all payments are processed through this platform. As a result, transportation companies can offer maximum service with minimum effort – for minimal costs. The required hardware can be leased if desired.

A crucial step for transportation companies is the certification according to the German VDV-KA standard. INIT's combined ticket printers and on-board computers EVENDpc2 and EVENDpc3 (also at the booth) as well as the passenger terminal PROXmobile2 and the corresponding back-office system MOBILEvario have passed this certification. Currently, the number of manufacturers who have received this accreditation is still limited.

Reacting quickly to the unexpected challenges transportation companies are facing, INIT managed to enable their EVENDpc to verify digital COVID certificates in December 2021. Only a software update of the integrated barcode reader was needed.

Next Level of Passenger Journey

Machine learning improves any kind of prediction - whether it is the expected arrival time or vehicle occupancy. MOBILEguide, INIT's innovative solution for passenger guidance and occupancy management benefits from this. In a patented process, INIT does not only account for the current vehicle occupancy, but also the passengers expected to alight at particular stops. This provides reliable information in a way that was not possible with previous solutions. For instance, passengers who receive information, e.g. via passenger information apps can choose services that have the lowest expected occupancy. In addition, in railway systems the same information, which is accurate for an individual rail car, can be used to ensure better distribution to the individual rail cars and platform areas.

Next Level of Planning and Dispatch

Currently, a cloud- and browser-based personnel dispatch system is being developed that allows access anytime, anywhere, and from various end devices. As part of the new development, an improved, ergonomic user interface will also be developed. In the future, this will make working with the system even easier and more intuitive. New modules will complement the existing range of functions. During the transitional period, both applications/technologies can be used in parallel – an essential feature of the "nextGen" innovation campaign. Visitors to IT-TRANS can take a first look at the new module of MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen "DashBoard". It gives a clear overview of the essential operational and system information provided by MOBILE-PERDIS.

IT support on a new level

With this multitude of more sophisticated and newly developed solutions, INIT provides even better IT support for public transport’s processes and tasks. In the future, INIT's IT systems will offer even more comprehensive and precise information, recognize situations automatically, and will be available both cloud- and web-based. Automated or semi-automated processes will also speed up response times and help ensure service quality.

At the INIT booth, 1F3, visitors can obtain comprehensive information about new technologies, concepts, and solutions with which they can successfully shape the future of mobility. Learn more about INIT@IT-TRANS from our event website:

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