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Contactless payments

Contactless payments have been increasingly popular in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this shift away from traditional ticketing.

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To encourage as many passengers as possible to use public transportation, it is essential to have a simple and easily comprehensible ticketing system. Therefore, public transport companies have to address various passenger groups with specific offers while efficiently managing all the different sales channels. One service is becoming increasingly important: integrating other modes of transport into an intermodal mobility platform (MaaS) that enables end-to-end booking and payments. With proven solutions, we make travel easier for passengers and operators alike: From paper tickets to account-based ticketing, from conventional ticket printers to Ticketing-as-a-service with the software installed and operated in the cloud.

What INIT can help you to achieve

Increase ridership

  • Simplify ticket purchases
  • Offer easy-to-understand tariffs and best-price fare calculations
  • Deliver intermodal booking and payment platforms
  • Implement Open Payments (EMV)
  • Offer contactless payments
  • Facilitate the use of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
  • Integrate virtual smart cards in mobile wallets
  • Offer a multi-channel sales strategy

Streamline your sales processes and costs

  • Easy integration of 3rd party applications based on open architecture and open Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Comprehensive fare management and clearing functionality
  • ID/account-based solutions
  • Open payment solution installed and operated by INIT in the cloud (Ticketing-as-a-Service)

TriMet has long been a leader in the transit industry, focused on the customer experience and ways to simplify riding transit. With Hop Fastpass® and the first virtual transit fare card in North America that became available for use in all major smartphones, riders in the Portland-Vancouver area have many convenient ways to pay. They can use the plastic Hop card, the virtual Hop card stored in their phone, a credit or debit card in their mobile wallet or a contactless credit card. They simply tap-and-go.

Dough Kelsey

General Manager, Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet)
Portland/ Oregon

Account-based fare management with best-price tickets

Fare structures and ticket options should not hinder your customers’ travel. Passengers want to buy the right ticket simply and quickly, at the lowest possible price. Our innovative ticketing solutions remove the barriers to access: They support intermodal travel chains (MaaS), open payments and various ticket media, deliver best price options and facilitate a customer-oriented mix of distribution channels. Passengers can use fare media they already carry with them (credit card, debit card or smart device with wallet). They tap their chosen media on a validator / passenger terminal and their fare is automatically capped. This is carried out by the back-office system in our ID-based approach and of course, all of our ticketing solutions support the essential standards (ITSO, Calypso, VDV-KA etc.).

Tariff management and fare capping

A powerful back-office system is essential for modern ticketing systems. MOBILEvario provides the most comprehensive set of features for fare management and revenue clearing. In addition, it serves as the core intelligence for ID-/account based ticketing systems, with fare capping options. Its modular and open architecture offers the flexibility needed in our digitalized environment. The open system approach supports the integration of third-party systems, various identification schemes and the set-up of an intermodal mobility platform. MOBILEvario enables the fast implementation of Open Payments with credit cards and smart devices according to the EMV standard. Here, passengers use their existing payment media directly as fare media.

Ticket vending machines, validators and apps

Easy access to tickets requires a broad range of convenient sales channels. This is particularly important for occasional riders. We deliver various options for powerful field devices – from integrated on-board computers and ticket printers (EVENDpc3) to passenger validators (PROXmobile3) to vending stations (VENDstation) – as well as for all web-based applications and apps, among them the app provided by our subsidiary HanseCom, HandyTicket Deutschland. A compact solution for fare management used by ticket inspectors (PROXgo) complements the offer ideally.

The INIT system gives us the technology to realise the benefits of modern ticketing by fully integrating with our other on-bus equipment. One of the most important benefits for National Express has been how well INIT worked with our drivers to make the system as intuitive as possible. We’ve had great feedback from all our garages about how the INIT kit saves drivers time and tasks, so they can concentrate on their driving.

Martin Hancock

Development Director, National Express West Midlands

Technical highlights

  • Automated clearing house function for the correct distribution of revenues
  • Seamless integration with INIT’s operations control and real-time passenger information
  • Compliance with international standards such as VDV-KA, ITSO, Calypso and EMV, even within one integrated system
  • Meets a wide range of country-specific requirements
  • ID-/account-based concepts
  • Open payments
  • Multi-client capability
  • Smart migration strategies

ID/Account-Based Ticketing

With ID/Account Based Ticketing systems, the intelligence is concentrated in the back-office system. Transactions are carried out in real time. The ticket medium merely stores a distinctive ID that refers to the connected customer account. All credits or products are stored centrally.


For payments with credit cards and smart devices, we offer a particular alternative to customers without an INIT back-office system: Ticketing-as-a-Service according to the EMV standard. Here, the ticketing back-office system is installed and operated by INIT in the cloud. The public transport company does not have to install and maintain its own version and has no acquisition costs.  Passengers can purchase tickets conveniently with their credit card or smart device and, thanks to fare capping, the system guarantees that they pay the lowest price for their travel. They simply tap their payment medium on the validator when boarding and alighting and everything happens in the background system. The cloud solution only requires a web browser and offers portals for public transport companies and passengers alike.

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Learn more in our video about the Hop Fastpass system - an open payments electronic ticketing system - which was launched by TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar, in partnership with INIT, in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area.


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