Saving energy costs: Efficient service through on-demand trips

During off-peak periods or in rural areas of the service area, the buses’ passenger load is often disappointing. In times of rising energy prices, it is particularly worthwhile to take a closer look. Can trips or even entire routes be replaced by on-demand services? Whether it is flexible ridepooling or on-demand fixed-route services: with the MOBILE-FLEX booking and dispatching solution, you enable your passengers to be mobile when they want to be and save resources at the same time.

Each on-demand journey can be monitored and controlled in the Intermodal Transport Control System MOBILE-ITCS in the same detail as fixed routes. The driver receives all important information at any time via the on-board computer or simply on the smartphone via the new COPILOTapp.

Fig.: Ideal supplement for small on-demand vehicles without on-board computer. With the COPILOTapp, on-board computer functions can be conveniently performed with a smartphone or tablet. That means receiving all the important information and communicating with the control centre via messenger using a commercially available smart device.

All in one: efficient on-demand services via integrated solution MOBILE FLEX


  • flexible on-demand services to supplement fixed-route services
  • integration of on-demand services into the planning tool and ITCS
  • rapid calculation of efficient journeys and routes (ridepooling) through artificial intelligence
  • the integration of a central booking and information platform
  • information of the drivers about booked passengers via the on-board computer or smartphone

Bundling on-demand services in a central platform

MOBILE-FLEX supports the request, booking or even cancellation of journeys by telephone, web, app or a present journey planner, which can be connected via REST API. A particularly future-proof access option is the new front-end solution from INIT subsidiary HanseCom: It allows information and ticketing not only for on-demand services, but also for fixed-route transportation or other mobility services combined in a mobility platform (MaaS).

Fig.: Requesting, booking and paying for on-demand journeys via a mobility app.

Intelligent routing and ridepooling thanks to artificial intelligence

An innovative, artificial intelligence-based, self-learning optimization algorithm – the Advanced Optimisation Core – from INIT subsidiary inola determines the most efficient route. It calculates optimal ridepooling and departure times based on the trip requests and thus the most customer-friendly and economical route between virtual stops, actual fixed-route stops or even GPS coordinates.