Curbing Fare Evasion

Fare evasion in public transportation presents a significant financial challenge, directly impacting revenue and operational sustainability. Addressing this, INIT's PROXreader2 emerges as an economical solution to effectively curb fare dodging.

Flexible fare handling

In the era of contactless payments, speed, accuracy, and flexibility are essential when handling fares. This is also true for ticket inspections. Using a standard Android smartphone with INIT's INSPECTfare and VALIDATEfare apps, the PROXreader2 enables ticket inspection and validation for both closed and open loop cards, as well as smartphones. It connects to the account-based back-office system through a cellular network, allowing use anywhere. The connection between EMV reader and smartphone app is handled via Bluetooth.

Equitable fare compliance

PROXreader2 enables transport operators to offer the whole range of contactless payment options according to EMV transit standards – from NFC smart cards to EMV capable credit/debit cards, or NFC capable mobile phones using Apple Pay® or Google Pay™. The implementation of national standards or even a proprietary solution defined by the transport company is also possible.

PROXreader2 accurately identifies various fare media types, including counterfeit, lost, stolen, or invalid travel permissions, thereby streamlining the inspection process. This efficiency allows inspectors to check more passengers per trip, increasing the chances of detecting fare evaders.

The deployment of PROXreader2 can significantly decrease fare evasion rates not only by protecting revenue but also promoting fare compliance and fairness in public transit systems.


  • Enables the quick introduction of contactless payments
  • Compact PCI PTS approved contactless card reader
  • Supports NFC smart cards, to EMV capable credit/debit cards, or NFC capable mobile phones using Apple Pay® or Google Pay™
  • Processes transactions quickly
  • Charged for a full operational day
  • Can be used with any Android smartphone

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