Managing a nation-wide public transport system in Luxembourg

One Country, one system

In Luxembourg, a national public transit network is operated using INIT’s operations control and real-time passenger information system. A multimodal fare management system serves as the core of all transit ticketing in the country. We sat down with Deputy Director, Christian Mousel, of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Head of Information Technology Services, Luc Kuth, to discuss how they addressed the challenges that come with operating such a massive system. Hear the full conversation on our Podcast.

INIT’s partnership with the Luxembourg Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the Verkéiers­verbond Luxembourg goes back almost a decade and spans their entire national territory. 37 public transport companies use one Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) to supply passengers with precise real-time information and guaranteed connections, while a multi-client ticketing back-office solution allows them to manage all sales processes securely and efficiently within one single system. As a result, passengers are able to use all public transport options in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with the same smart card, branded the mKaart.




secure bicycle cages


fare validators


ticket vending machines


dynamic passenger info displays


cross-border bus lines

Cross-border cooperation

Managing all of their back-end systems while maintaining in-field devices and equipment was a massive undertaking for Luxembourg. Since they did not have the staff or time required to manage this task, Luxembourg partnered with INIT as their Managed Services Provider (MSP). The public transport administration chose the INIT team because of their existing expertise having designed and deployed the systems and their ability to respond quickly to support issues and requests.

INIT provides system monitoring and maintenance, advanced reporting, hosting, security management, continuity management, and physical device management – among several other services. With managed services, INIT monitors the fare and operational systems consistently and applies an understanding of its history and nuances to proactively limit, manage and control failures. The services allow Luxembourg to continuously improve based on system usage and trends, as well as mine real-time and long-term data for effective Business Intelligence (BI).

According to Luc, having access to quality data is crucial for their system. Luxembourg takes advantage of advanced reports from INIT to calculate monthly costs associated with the system and to better inform passengers about their services. “For our needs and for the needs of public transportation in Luxembourg, [managed services] is the best solution,” said Christian.

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