Why do transit agencies need managed services?

by Andy Singh, System Engineering Manager

How often have you wished that someone else (just this once) would take care of a mundane task, so you can focus on what really matters in your job? This is a recurring theme I hear from transit agency personnel all the time. What makes this an especially sticky subject is that it is often the most critical personnel who end up feeling this way because they are overworked. As the saying goes, “the reward for good work is usually more work!”

Not only does this lead to monotony in daily routines, but it also slowly ends up killing your creativity. This repetition, coupled with a lack of resources, is why I believe many agencies struggle to change with the times.

So, how does one focus on what is truly important without getting stuck in the minutia of daily tasks and activities that often consume your entire day? A large part of the solution lies in ensuring that your personnel focus on what they do best: improving the transit rider experience throughout their network. Agencies are experienced in ensuring a fair and equitable fare policy so customers can avail the services they need as efficiently as possible. Guaranteeing the system is not only easy to use, but also safe to ride, is especially important today.

Transit agencies need managed services to allow their staff to focus on what they do best while leaving the fare system management to those who know it best. Modern-day electronic fare collection systems are complicated financial systems that must accommodate the ever-changing landscape of system security and scalability, all while meeting the agency’s fare policies. As anyone in the business of maintaining ITS systems and processes can tell you, the best people for the job are the people who built the technology. Having experts manage your system allows you to not only benefit from continual and timely improvements, but also assurance that any system deficiencies will be handled by those who are most vested - allowing the agency to focus on the rider.

INIT offers managed services to ensure your system continues to adapt and evolve over time. That way, you can continue to accommodate and enhance the “rider experience,” while we take care of your mundane tasks. We can help you evaluate your needs and provide a solution that is right for your agency. Ready to get started? Contact us for more information.

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