Managed Services: Why the break-fix model doesn't work

by Stan Craft, System Architect & Paulina McFarland, Marketing Coordinator

The golden rule of system maintenance is this: Anything that can go wrong probably will. With the Break-Fix, or On-Demand outsourcing model, services are performed reactively after an issue arises. Preventative measures are not put in place, and the issues that start out small aren’t noticed until they go on to cause serious damage. For our technology-reliant and interdependent transit systems, this service model just does not cut it anymore.

What will? Alleviating problems before they become an issue. Being proactive and adopting a comprehensive approach to protecting your organization. Managed Services refers to the practice of outsourcing certain processes and functions on a proactive basis so you can focus on providing outstanding service to your customers.

Under the Managed Services model, the agency involved owns, or has direct oversight over, the systems being managed, while the Managed Services Provider (MSP) delivers the services. Adopting Managed Services is an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills, and address issues related to cost, quality of service, and risk. The results are improved operations, reduced expenses, increased customer trust, and reduced downtime.

Beyond traditional application and infrastructure management, Managed Services for transit agencies may also include field devices, web-portals, PCI compliance, audits, change enablement, asset management, smart card management, retail management, and more.

With INIT’s Managed Services, agencies benefit from

  • Leveraging our years of experience in ITS and e-fare systems
  • Standardized quality assurance and delivery standards across multiple agencies or departments
  • Continuous product and system-wide improvement based on system usage and trends
  • Real-time and long-term data mining for effective Business Intelligence


As the Managed Service Provider (MSP), the INIT team is always monitoring your systems for threats or irregularities. Plus, we offer 24/7 Help Desk support, so you can call, message, or email us if you ever feel unsure about an issue. Unlike the Break-Fix model, Managed Services allows us to monitor your system consistently and to understand its history and nuances. That way, we will be far better equipped to help before, during and after an issue or event.

Managed Services allows MSPs like INIT to alleviate problems before they become an issue so you can focus on what’s important. Ready to partner with INIT? Contact us for a virtual demo.

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