MOBILE-ITCS nextGen fleet management now cloud-native

The demands on a modern fleet management system are continually growing. Today, a highly flexible and secure backend architecture is required. INIT’s Intermodal Transport Control System, MOBILE-ITCS nextGen, is now available as a cloud-native application to fulfil these demands.


MOBILE-ITCS nextGen is built on a separation of the sub-components running as containers. These containers are managed with the help of the open-source platform Kubernetes within a virtual environment. With the new structure, it is possible to run MOBILE-ITCS nextGen as both cloud native (as a solution optimized for operation in the cloud) and on-premises in the public transit company’s data center.

Intelligent diagnostic tools analyze the system, making the detection and correction of errors a much faster process. Updates can be applied to the system immediately, protecting it from unwanted downtime for software updates. This feature makes it simpler to quickly close security gaps (such as in log4j).

Modern, secure technology

ITCS nextGen gives customers the most modern and secure experience by dynamically scaling to load requirements. The system functions cost-effectively, allowing customers to use and pay only for what they need. Customers also benefit from increased availability and high redundancy due to the system’s optimization in the cloud. Enhanced availability enables dispatchers to perform all job-related tasks whenever needed, while increased reliability ensures the rapid replacement of any malfunctioning components when the system is live.

Container technology (Kubernetes) runs on the Linux operating system which can be deployed both on the company’s local network and in the cloud. The containers can also be run in virtual machines on hypervisors such as VMware, a program used to run and manage one or more virtual machines on a computer. This means public transit companies can use the flexibility and efficiency of container technology in their preferred virtual environment.


A nextGen system is implemented step by step. All MOBILE-ITCS nextGen customers with a suitable maintenance contract will have access to the system. In addition, system enhancements are automatically distributed at least once a year. 


  • Can be run in cloud or local network
  • Cost-effective, pay for what you use (dynamic scaling)
  • Increased availability, minimal downtime
  • Flexible container-based system
  • Open Architecture (MQTT Broker) - IoT ready
  • Future-proof thanks to state-of-the-art technology


MOBILE-ITCS nextGen semi-automated dispatching & multi-channel passenger information tool


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