Securing your vehicles from unauthorized use.

Incidents of bus theft are an all too familiar headline in news stories today. Transit agencies need to keep their buses secure and their passengers safe. Fortunately, INIT has developed a vehicle security system in answer to this problem. 

Vehicle Security System

MOBILEsecure is a vehicle security system designed to reduce the possibility of a vehicle being driven by unauthorized persons. With MOBILEsecure, operators must validate their credentials to operate a vehicle before it can be moved. It works using the INIT onboard computer, the COPILOTpc, to interface directly with the vehicle multiplexer. The system is compatible with any authentification device an agency chooses to use (e.g., card reader). 

Operators are able to logon through the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) by using the authentification device and then entering additional log-in information into the MDT. The system can verify that the operator is in the vehicle assigned to them and automatically logs off when an operator leaves the seat for a predetermined length of time. Dispatchers and supervisors with user privileges also have the ability to authorize movement of the vehicle through the system.

MOBILEsecure can produce reports that provide administrators with a list of supervisor overrides, remote actions taken by dispatchers, unauthorized attempts to move the vehicle, and that tell when operators leave the seat.

COPILOTpc and the vehicle multiplexer

The COPILOTpc is interfaced directly to the vehicle multiplexer. When the vehicle is started, the multiplexer prevents the vehicle from being put into gear until the operator is seated, has applied the foot brake, and receives a signal from INIT's COPILOTpc confirming a successful login. The multiplexer will not allow movement of the vehicle until communication has been established with the COPILOTpc.


  • Logs off automatically when an operator leaves the seat for a predetermined time 

  • Passes control to supervisor or dispatcher when necessary

  • Reports on supervisor overrides, remote actions taken by dispatchers when operators leave the seat, and unauthorized attempts to move the vehicle

  • Prevents vehicles from being moved without valid driver credentials


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