Transportation should be individualized

Creating more personalized rider experiences

We all know the importance of efficient transportation, but what if it could be more personalized? With the rise of technology, transportation has evolved from being a one-size-fits-all experience to one that is more tailored to each rider. Public transportation is a critical part of any city’s infrastructure. Creating a more personalized rider experience can help improve the overall rider experience and make public transportation more successful.  Providing each individual rider with a more customized experience has the potential to boost the quality of the rider's experience as a whole and make public transportation more desirable. 

Individualized rider experiences can offer several benefits, including: 

  • Increased passenger satisfaction 
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Greater social equity 
  • Enhanced rider safety 


Two ways INIT helps accomplish these benefits are through convenient mobile ticketing options and a one-click multi-channel passenger information tool:  

URpass: A mobile ticketing platform 

In order to fulfill the requirements of their consumers, transit agencies must tackle the difficult responsibilities of delivering convenient ticketing options that align with today’s continuously advancing technology.  By providing an equitable and cost-effective pricing model that is based on the pay-per-use principle, URpass assists agencies in providing more tailored options for riders as well as improved efficiency and cost savings for the agencies themselves.  

URpass is an account-based mobile ticketing platform powered by HanseCom, a wholly owned company of init SE. The platform offers a customer-centric approach using digital sales via the URpass app, an online store, or account-based ticketing.  

RESPONSEassist: multi-channel passenger information 

When disruptions occur, dispatchers must respond rapidly, begin rerouting services, and keep passengers informed of the latest developments so they may make appropriate preparations. This is a challenge since the number of passenger touchpoints is growing steadily. Managing your channels of communication manually takes a lot of time and effort.  

For companies facing this challenge, RESPONSEassist will be indispensable as it automatically disseminates passenger information and publishes it through a multitude of media channels directly from dispatching measures. This implies that any dispatcher's workstation can reliably handle disruptions and inform passengers more quickly. A transit agency no longer requires a dedicated member of their control center staff to be completely in charge of passenger information with RESPONSEassist. 

The control center's essential tasks of dispatching, communicating with passengers, and documenting operations are all integrated with RESPONSEassist, INIT's system for semi-automated disruption management and passenger information. 

Creating more individualized rider experiences in public transportation can have a positive impact on the way people view and use public transit. By using innovative technology, transit agencies are able to develop individualized services rather than catering to the needs of the masses. can create customized services tailored to individuals rather than everyone. This will enhance their experience with public transit and improve its efficiency while reducing costs for the agency and its riders. This could lead to increased use of mass transit systems across the world – something that would benefit us all. 

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URpass mobile ticketing platform


  • Introduce mobile ticketing quickly via app or online store.
  • Customize and expand your mobile offerings as needed.
  • Manage customer and fare data in a single central system.
  • Retain customers through best-price guarantee and loyalty programs.
  • Reduce administrative effort and cash handling costs.

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