Transportation Should be Standardized

With the growth of smart cities, transportation systems are becoming increasingly complex and require more sophisticated solutions than ever before.

In recent years, there has been an increasing push for the development of industry-wide IT standards in public transportation. The goal is to create a networked system that would allow different IT systems to share data and information seamlessly. This would ultimately lead to a more efficient and effective public transportation system.


ITxPT is a non-profit association that enables an open architecture, data accessibility and interoperability between IT systems. The members of ITXPT develop the IT architecture for public transport and other mobility services together, based on standards and best practices. INIT has began standardization by implementing the ITxPT label confirming that equipment, software, or service is compliant with the ITxPT technical specifications.


INIT has already made significant progress in helping to develop standards for electronic fare management, passenger information, and IT data communications. The products listed below have all been ITxPT labeled.

PROXmobile3 onboard or at station passenger terminal supports all variations of contactless ticketing: smart cards, debit / credit cards, bar-code tickets, and payments stored in a mobile wallet, virtual transit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay.

MOBILEvario is the core back-office system for fare projects. Its open system architecture facilitates the integration of additional sales channels, clients and different ticket media based on open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web services. These interfaces make it very easy to integrate third-party systems or any existing infrastructure.

COPILOTpc3 the vehicle IT and communication platform is based on Microsoft 10 IoT Enterprise. It has a powerful processor and extended storage capacity which manages data and voice radio (VoIP) and has an integrated communications and passenger information modules like text-to-speech and speech recognition.

EVENDpc3 is widely used in fare projects in Europe and is INIT’s PC-based Ticket Printer and On-Board Computer with full CAD/AVL and ticketing functionalities.

Other INIT products that carry the ITxPT label are INIT’s ETHERNETswitch PoE which consolidates onboard power supplies into one single cable for Ethernet and PoE, to facilitate the exchange of huge amounts of data without the need for additional cabling. In addition, INIT's passenger information display, PIDvisio3, and onboard mobile data terminal, TOUCHit3 wear the ITxPT label.

The adoption of industry-wide IT standards would bring numerous benefits to the public transportation sector. Perhaps most importantly, it would make it easier for new technologies to be adopted and deployed across the industry.


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