Electronic Fare Management

Smart. Flexible. Secure.

INIT provides multi-client e-fare solutions for agencies of every size. We empower you to offer modern, multi-modal ticketing solutions to your passengers. Customizaton allows you the flexibility to decide and personalize based on your needs.

Multi-Client Integration

The cost and timelines associated with a modern fare system can be daunting. Joining an established multi-client fare structure allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a best in class fare collection system without the high cost of set up or long-term project management. 

Flexible Revenue Management

INIT's back-office system allows flexibility in your fares so that transit agencies can easily make fare changes and securely manage data relieving privacy and PCI compliance concerns.  Due to its open architecture, integration with third party systems is possible, providing a seamless solution for small agencies.

Real-Time Account Management

With account-based fare systems, passengers can easily manage their accounts anywhere, at anytime. They also enjoy real-time fare processing and greater social equity through regional fares and best price calculation structures.


Multi-Client Management

Multi-modal and multi-client fare structures require a powerful back office system for managing modern fare systems. MOBILEvario provides the most comprehensive set of features for fare management and revenue clearing. It serves as the core intelligence for account-based fare systems. 


Increase Passenger Satisfaction

  • Region-wide access - one system
  • Real-time account management
  • Media choices (smart devices, debit/credit cards...)
  • Variety of sales channels 

Future-Proof Your System

  • Add partners as you go
  • Fare changes in minutes
  • Flexible updates
  • MaaS integration
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