Solving Disruptions with Incident Management

by Stan Craft, System Architect 

Many events will occur in a typical day at a transit agency. Accidents happen, vehicles break down, riders complain, and emergencies occur. These and other events need to be recorded, managed and tracked. How these events are handled makes a difference. Unless these occurrences are handled consistently across your organization, managing them can be challenging. MOBILEforms was designed to address this very issue. 

At its simplest, MOBILEforms provides a user experience where events are recorded and shared across your organization.  


Let’s use an example of an accident to demonstrate how it works. The driver calls in an accident.  The dispatcher, with just a few clicks, invokes the form and it is automatically populated with information such as vehicle ID, driver, date, time, GPS location, etc. Fields are available for recording the driver’s viewpoint of the accident.  A supervisor is dispatched to the location and, using their tablet, pulls up the form started by the dispatcher. They talk to the driver, record their story, take pictures, record witnesses’ points of view, anyone taken for medical care, talk to the police, and record the police report number. 

Meanwhile, other stakeholders are reviewing the form as the data is entered in real-time. Maintenance is looking at the pictures to determine if the vehicle needs towing. Legal is reviewing the notes and asking the supervisor at the scene for more pictures.  Everyone is informed and all actions taken are recorded for “Chain of Custody” level records to protect the agency.

Automated measures

Sounds great, right? You have a tool that facilitates communication in real-time and delivers consistency across your organization.  Wouldn’t it be even better if…

  • The closest supervisor to the accident scene was automatically dispatched
  • A replacement vehicle and driver were identified and dispatched with one click
  • Legal, maintenance and other stakeholders were automatically sent a link to the active form
  • Towing service was dispatched with one click from maintenance
  • Legal was reminded 2 days later to request the police report and reminded again if the task was not marked as complete.


MOBILEforms accomplishes these tasks and more. Imagine creating forms that incorporate procedures which walk dispatchers, controllers, supervisors, maintenance and others through the procedural steps of handling specific emergencies, complaints, accidents or incident processes. In addition, forms may be grouped and associated with a single event.  With grouping, your legal or HR teams can have a sub-form with limited user access so only those with a need to know can access. 


Using MOBILEforms is more efficient than using paper-based forms because they are filed digitally, forwarded, and tracked automatically by the system. Cumbersome and unreliable manual forwarding between stakeholders is eliminated.

MOBILEforms can be used as a standalone tool, but for agencies using INIT’s Intermodal Transport Control System, consistent incident management is possible through integration with the ITCS.


  • Any authorized person can access MOBILEforms from anywhere because it is browser-based.
  • It automatically fills vehicle and operational data if the event is a vehicle event.
  • Automatically distributes completed forms to specified recipients.
  • Provides free form and mandatory comment fields.
  • Delivers a complete history of any changes made to the data so the agency will have an audit trail.
  • Associates pictures or other graphical objects with incidents.

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