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INIT at IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe

Image: The travel assistance system ASSISTIVEtravel provides needs-based support for people with disabilities at all stages of their trip.

Karlsruhe, 28.01.2020.

Worldwide leading supplier of integrated planning, dispatching, telematics and ticketing systems, INIT, will present its newest solutions at IT-TRANS exhibition from 3 - 5 March 2020 at Messe Karlsruhe, Germany. Visitors will be informed about numerous public transport trends and will learn how INIT assists them in designing the future of mobility at INIT‘s booth 1F1.

Mobility platforms as a basis for successful MaaS-offers.

Official regiomove launch by Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund in the course of IT-TRANS.

In order to reduce individual traffic, it is mandatory to combine a strong public transport with individualised offers that are based on customer’s demands. The key to success lies in regional mobility platforms that can establish an integrated information, booking and payment platform with open programming interfaces. This structure provides genuine value to passengers. When public transport providers take on the part of mobility brokers for all regional mobility offers (single sign-on) and co-ordinate them as well, a complete and flexible mobility offer will exist which will ensure that fixed-route public transport remains the strong backbone of urban mobility. An example that shows how such a platform-based network can be successfully realised is the Karlsruhe pilot project, regiomove. A seamless intermodal service chain of different providers and means of transport will become available using a booking and payment platform developed by INIT. It will provide customers with the flexible, quick and uncomplicated integration of all travel and payments through a single app. 

Introducing: barrier-free travel assistance

For the first time in Europe, INIT will present its assistance system for visually, hearing or mobility-impaired passengers. The app, ASSISTIVEtravel, provides needs-based support at all stages of the passenger’s trip. First, users create their profile according to their needs. Based on these settings the app will trigger different functions and will adapt the user interface accordingly. For visually impaired users, navigation is simplified and optimised using text-to-speech. Furthermore, the visually impaired-profile triggers exterior announcements at the desired boarding stop. For hearing-impaired passengers, on-board announcements that inform about the following stop are transmitted to their hearing aids through a T-Loop feature.

The approach is unique because it also includes the bus drivers in the assistance system. Drivers are notified through their on-board computers before every stop whether passengers with impairments have requested to board or alight, and displays which restrictions the passenger has. So, for instance, the drivers can inform mobility-impaired passengers whether the wheelchair space is available and can help them when they board or alight the vehicle.

The app was developed together with LTA Singapore and SG Enable, an organisation dedicated to the integration of disabled people, in the MAVIS test project in Singapore. This project received two awards at the UITP Summit 2019 in Stockholm. 

Comprehensive solution for electric buses

As a pioneer and the only supplier on the market, INIT offers a comprehensive system solution that combines all operational processes for the implementation of electric buses. The planning and simulation system, eMOBILE-PLAN, determines the results of different parameters for the total cost and resources required to cover the e-bus-specific demands of route planning. The Intermodal Transport Control System, MOBILE-ITCS, permanently supervises the state of charge (SoC) of electric vehicles, warns the dispatcher when a critical state of charge has been approached and examines the remaining range before the execution of dispatching measures. The foundation for all of this is a reliable range prognosis that becomes more and more precise through machine learning. The charging processes can be managed and monitored by using the intelligent charge management system, MOBILEcharge. A close connection to the depot management system, MOBILE-DMS, ensures that current states of charge, present charging requirements and planned journeys can be taken into consideration.

Additionally, the driver assistance system, MOBILEefficiency, registers energy consumption and transmits a message to the driver in real time so he can adapt his way of driving to conserve energy accordingly. With this integrated overall system all operational demands of e-mobility are covered.

ID-based ticketing

At IT-TRANS, INIT will exhibit its ground-breaking Smart Ticketing solution based on ID-based ticketing. With it, public transport users can conveniently use the advantages of an account-based fare management system with aggregated best price calculation. Already in 2017, the trendsetting system was put into operation for TriMet, Portland/USA, and set the benchmark by covering virtual smart cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. In Europe, too, the Open Payment principle continues to win recognition. For example, INIT’s customer, National Express West Midlands (NXWM) from Birmingham/UK, was able to obtain the comprehensive EMV-accreditation in 2019. This confirmed that INIT’s solution complies with the most current public transport-related specifications by VISA and Mastercard. Since then passengers have been able to simply check-in using a contactless credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, as well as NXWM’s own app and to profit from best price calculation on a daily basis. Now 64% of the passengers use these digital modes of payment.

Visitors can get extensive information at the INIT booth on new technologies, concepts and possibilities that will support them in successfully designing the future of mobility. Of note will be the contributions by INIT-employees in the course of the conference and the expo-forum. Among other things, they will talk about barrier-free travel assistance with the help of the ASSISTIVEtravel app, open mobility platforms and the successful introduction of electromobility.


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