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Today’s passengers are much more astute about their mobility options. They expect interlinked mobility chains and virtual real-time information. Public transit providers must be ambitious in setting up these integrated platforms. Creating attractive services and positive customer experiences is nothing less than mandatory in today’s digital age.

Uniquely integrated solutions

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INIT makes mobility easy – for you and for your passengers. We help you increase your market share while allowing you to streamline your productivity with our innovative solutions. As the only supplier that covers all operational tasks within one integrated ITS system, we are able to deliver the solutions that help you more efficiently manage your systems. Using open system architecture and standardized interfaces, we provide the flexibility you need for future enhancements.

Planning & Dispatching

From planning timetables to optimized deployment, and management of vehicles and drivers – we provide the tools you need to get the most from your resources.

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Fare Collection & Revenue Management

Whether mobile tickets, account-based smart cards, or debit/credit card payments – INIT’s solutions make it easy for your passengers to purchase the right fare and for you to enjoy a reliable back-end processing and revenue management solution.

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Operations Control & Real-Time Passenger Information

Monitoring the traffic situation, improving punctuality, managing incidents, and keeping passengers informed – We provide the tools you need to deliver the highest quality service.

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Analyzing & Optimizing

How is your fleet performing? What is the demand? Where will you need to make adjustments? Get the answers you need for making informed management decisions and improving your planning processes.

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