Professionals at INIT

When your careers picks up speed

Whether experienced or young professional – INIT is the right address to develop your talents to the full and take your know-how to the next level. Because INIT offers space for ideas and responsibility. Showing personal initiative as well as vigor, and thinking outside the box are highly appreciated. At the same time, our employees assume responsibility for their tasks and decisions. Our team’s commitment and diligence are rewarded with several optional benefits.

Everyone who has a strong understanding of his profession and wants to further develop, is highly welcome at INIT and won’t be thwarted. Even when it comes to taking the next career steps as we prefer to search for management staff within our own ranks.

There are many tasks of which only the goal is defined, and then it is up to me to decide how to achieve it. I value this great opportunity for self-responsibility.


System Engineer

What we offer

  • Space for ideas and responsibility
  • Attractive and challenging assignments
  • Promotion prospects
  • International working environment
  • Possibility for a work experience abroad
  • Annual performance review to discuss professional and salary development
  • Further and advanced training programs
  • Several financial benefits

What we expect

  • Enthusiasm and creativity
  • Open-mindedness and quickness of mind
  • Preliminary professional experience
  • Advanced German and English language skills

There are many chances to experience personal development, given the opportunities that INIT provides.


Team Leader

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The team corporates extremely well and if we come up with new ideas, these are taken into account. Our management is very open and encourages us to present and implement new ideas.


Marketing Manager


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Christine Abele

International Recruiter
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