Press review

INIT in the media

Time and again, INIT’s solutions and activities are the subject of press publications. This media coverage proves INIT’s news value and with this, its quality of innovations. Our press review contains the most recent and significant press articles.

December 2019

Hamburg goes electric

Intelligent Transport

May 2019

Designing the future of public transport

Intelligent Transport

May 2019

New public transport hub in Karlsruhe

Public Transport International

March 2019

NYWM feels benefits of faster journey times

Passenger Transport

January 2019

Honolulu launches pilot for

Global Mass Transit Weekly

November 2018

IRMA6 - makes it easy

InnoTrans Report

November 2018

INIT: ready for e-Mobility

Mass Transit Magazine

November 2018

Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection in APAC

Global Mass Transit Report

March 2018

IT-TRANS Continues Healthy Grown

Mass Transit Website

February 2018

Next-generation mobility tools on show

Railway Gazette International

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