Operations Control & Real-Time Passenger Information

Seamless data exchange for excellent service quality

Today’s passengers not only expect convenient public transport services, but also require integrated mobility options and reliable real-time information as well as other new and contemporary services. Ambitious public transport providers are driven by the opportunities arising with new technology. They spot them as their chance to improve their market share as well as their operational efficiency.

What INIT can help you to achieve

Increase ridership

  • Provide better customer experience
  • Deliver reliable passenger information
  • Offer smooth (worry-free) rides
  • Enhance service with multimodal transport offerings
  • Support smart city initiatives

Streamline operational processes and costs

  • Comprehensive incident management and passenger information functionality
  • More efficient working routines in the operations control center
  • Digitalized workflows
  • Demand responsive service
  • Open architecture and support of various standard interfaces
  • Service offers by INIT help focus on the core competences
  • Multi-client systems reduce investment costs

Passengers request easy access to comprehensive information regarding their journey. They expect safe and timely travels from A to B. When there’s an incident, they want the problem to be solved promptly and to receive immediate information on travel alternatives. INIT’s innovative operations control and real-time passenger information solution allows keeping up service. Using today’s technology, it is possible to spread the information passengers need to be up to date before and during their journey  – comfortably via all suitable channels, including social media, apps and third-party applications. Moreover, with INIT technology, it is possible to build a powerful platform for a multimodal mobility management.

Core of the mobility management

Experienced specialists in the control center are responsible for the distribution of reliable passenger information and ensure the quality of public transport services. They depend on a powerful mobility management system to facilitate their challenging job. The Intermodal Transport Control System MOBILE-ITCS supports all state-of-the-art passenger information channels and provides comprehensive fleet and incident management features as well as on-demand transport management. At the same time, its open architecture and compliance to various standards allow for multi-client set-ups and interlinked multimodal service offerings. As a result, passengers are well informed about their trip, and benefit from protected connections.

Real-Time Passenger Information

Digitalization and the way it has changed the information habits in everyday life is also raising the bar higher for public transport: passenger information is expected to be reliable, comprehensive and omnipresent. In order to stay competitive, transport providers have to keep pace with evolving and dynamic passenger information needs and various state-of-the-art information channels, for example with the DEPARTURESlive app (available for Android and iOS devices). The INIT tools comfortably support the requested cross-media communication for real-time passenger and disturbance information.

Powerful hardware devices

From a state-of-the-art on-board computer that forms the central vehicle IT-platform via further on-board devices to equipment that is needed wayside: INIT provides a wide range of sophisticated hardware solutions that help transport providers to support their operational processes and provide maximum support to their drivers and customers.

Technical highlights

  • Comprehensive features for fleet management
  • Real-time passenger information distributed via various communication channels
  • Supported incident management
  • Work flow management
  • Cross-company fleet management, connection protection and real-time passenger information
  • Multi-modal mobility management including on-demand transport
  • Open architecture with compliance to various industry standards
  • Platform for the intermodal exchange of real-time information
  • Effective data processing
  • Multi-client capability
  • Hosting and operating models
  • Powerful hardware products in the vehicles and roadside for effective data processing as well as support of drivers and passengers

Scope of the INIT solution


Knowledge database

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